Tom Cruise Thinks He’s Still Cool

Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes Dance

Feel bad that you didn’t get invited to the “Welcome-to-America” party for David and Victoria Beckham? Well, don’t. All you missed was Tom Cruise being his creepy old self by channeling 1983 when he was still hot and not an alien. You see, he got his groove on by doing his famous Risky Business dance, even getting down on the floor and kicking his legs in the air. When did old Tom become so pathetic?


8 Responses to “Tom Cruise Thinks He’s Still Cool”

  1. 1 Makiavelic

    fuck… leave the guy, he´s happy… don’t suffer for that!!!

  2. 2 Anonymous

    Check out Tom on American Idol:

    Now THAT is cool!

  3. 3 Anonymous

    what an ill psycho

  4. 4 Anonymous

    Or he could just be having fun, since when was dancing pathetic? JESUS!

  5. 5 yara

    he became so pathetic since he devored Nicole kidmen , Nicole kidmen is the only best in his pathetic ass loser life , lets face it hes a pethc loser and thats proves what a pathetic loser when he marries the skan of hollywood ,man that what i call pathetic ass loser life and yet he deserves worse .

  6. 6 hudafaksaks

    dont you know he’s gay..

  7. 7 muonline

    go evilwarrior . c o m play with us.., online mmorpg

  8. 8 Anonymous

    Well at least he has David Backham nailing his now, he should be happy

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