Patrick Swayze is Dead - Rest in Peace


Patrick Swayze lost his battle with pancreatic cancer today when he succumbed to the disease. After being diagnosed with this deadly disease in January 2008, he seemed to defy the odds. He even started a new tv show, The Beast, despite being ill. We’ll always remember Swayze for his role as dance instructor Johnny Castle in Dirty Dancing and as sexy Sam Wheat in Ghost. Swayze was 57.

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  1. 1 Lawrence Singer

    Patrick was an inspiration to us all, through his art and his life. He lived more than most do with the short time he had. It’s hard for me to relate to what a movie star’s battle with pancreatic cancer would involve. I relate more to this lady. She is a regular person just like you and me and she shares her journey with pancreatic cancer here: pancreatic cancer. Thanks for creating a post in honor of Patrick.

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