Full House’s Stephanie Tanner Grown Up

Jodie Sweetin

Full House actress Jodie Sweetin showed up at the opening of Pink Taco in Los Angeles last night showing off her big boobs. Sweetin, who played middle sibling Stephanie Tanner on Full House, hosts the strip/dance show Pants-Off Dance-Off on FUSE TV. Apparently she needed bigger jugs to blend in.

All has not been so sweet for Ms. Sweetin. She has a history of crystal meth addiction. She went on the Today Show to proclaim it and noted that 5 of her teeth rotted out. She also was married to a cop who divorced her.

Ya know it’s hard to be the middle child. Little sister Michelle (the Olsen twins, of course), well, they’ve sure made it huge with their billions. And oldest sis, D.J. (Candace Cameron), married NHL player Valeri Bure, has 3 kids, and is an evangelical home-school advocate.

Hosting something called Pants-Off Dance-Off can only be a good sign that Sweetin is pulling herself out of a world of meth addiction, right? On the other hand, Pants-Off Dance-Off’s Wikipedia entry states that while Sweetin hosts season 2, Willa Ford is hosting season 3. Tough break.

Who’s Your Favorite Celebrity Who’s Had a Meth Problem?

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4 Responses to “Full House’s Stephanie Tanner Grown Up”

  1. 1 trevor russell


  2. 2 gil

    Jodie is HOT, MMMMM baby!

  3. 3 jezebel

    hey jodie sweetin omg when i saw u in the grown up picture i flipped you look so pretty i cant belive it and so dose everyone els i wish u would do a full house now it would be awsome well bye

  4. 4 Gome

    JODIE is a sweetest angle, she looking very hot,she is very preety also so cleaver….
    Crystal Meth Addiction

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